Financial Aid

Athletic Aid

What does athletic aid cover?

Generally, athletic aid can cover all or some of the following elements, up to a student-athlete's cost of attendance defined by the University:

  • Tuition and fees;
  • Room and board;
  • Books and supplies;
  • Personal Expenses; and
  • Transportation.

full athletic scholarship will cover the total amount of these elements.

partial athletic scholarship will cover some portion of these elements depending on the terms of the aid agreement. Partial athletic scholarships are typically designated as a percentage (i.e., 25% of a full scholarship) or as a dollar amount (i.e., $10,000).

How is athletic aid disbursed?

All athletic aid (full or partial) is posted to the student-athlete's student account, divided evenly each semester, and is applied toward tuition, fees, and room and board charges. If any excess athletic aid remains, a refund will be available to the student-athlete.

Can athletic aid be canceled, reduced, or non-renewed?

Generally, no. Athletic aid MAY NOT be canceled, reduced, or non-renewed at any point for any athletics reason including:

  • student-athlete's ability, performance, or contribution to the team's success;
  • injury preventing the student-athlete from participating; or
  • any other athletics reason.

However, a student-athlete's athletic aid MAY be canceled, reduced, or non-renewed at any point if he or she:

  • renders himself or herself ineligible for intercollegiate competition for any reason (i.e., not meeting academic requirements);
  • frequently misrepresents any information on an application, letter of intent, or aid agreement;
  • engages in serious misconduct; or
  • voluntarily (at his or her own initiative) quits the team for personal reasons;
  • violates an institutional policy; or
  • provides written notification of transfer.

Right to Appeal

If a student-athlete's scholarship is canceled, reduced, or not renewed for any reason, the student-athlete has the right to appeal the decision to the Faculty Athletics Representative within 15 business days. 

Does athletic aid cover summer school?

No. Athletic aid for summer school is distributed separately from a student-athlete's athletics aid for the regular academic year (fall and spring). Student-athletes with questions regarding the availability for summer athletic aid should contact their coach.

Does moving off-campus affect athletic aid? 

Effective with the fall 2018 incoming class, all University of Notre Dame undergraduate students, including student-athletes, will be required to live on-campus for six academic year semesters.

Yes. Moving off-campus will not affect the amount of athletics aid a student-athlete is receiving, but it will affect how the student-athlete receives his or her aid.

  • Student-athletes on a full athletic scholarship will receive a monthly housing and meal stipend from August through May. Stipends are distributed by the Athletics Business Office.
  • A student-athlete on a partial athletic scholarship (percentage or dollar amount) will have his or her athletic aid posted to his or her student account where it will be applied to tuition and fees. If any excess athletic aid remains, a refund will be available to the student-athlete.

Athletic scholarships may be subject to taxation by the IRS. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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Need-Based Financial Aid

Institutional Need-Based Aid

The University of Notre Dame also provides students with additional avenues for receiving need-based financial aid including:

  • scholarships;
  • loans;
  • grants; and
  • work study.

To see if you are eligible for financial assistance from the University, you will need to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For questions or assistance, please contact the Athletics Compliance Office or reach out to the Office of Financial Aid.

Federal PELL Grant

The PELL Grant is a federal grant for undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. Unlike a federal loan, a Federal PELL Grant does not need to repaid.

In order to see if you are eligible for a Federal PELL Grant, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you are eligible for the PELL Grant, the amount you receive will be based on:

  • your financial need;
  • your cost of attendance;
  • your status as a full-time or part-time student; and
  • your plans to attend school for a full academic year or less.

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Outside Scholarships

Any student-athlete who is receiving scholarship awards from outside agencies is required to report these awards to the Athletics Compliance Office in order to ensure compliance with all applicable NCAA rules. Checks for these outside awards should be sent directly to the Office of Financial Aid, and the money will posted to the student-athlete's student account once the award has been approved. 

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Student Accounts


IRISHPAY is the University's online student account statement and payment system available to students and authorized users. Parents or guardians of a student must be given authorization by the student to be able to access IRISHPAY.  Within IRISHPAY, students can:

  • check their account balance;
  • make a payment;
  • set up direct deposit; and
  • request a refund.


Requesting a Refund

Refunds can be requested ahead of time, but will not be disbursed to your account until the fist day of classes for each term. In order to request a refund, please complete the Request a Refund through InsideND or contact the Office of Student Accounts

Other Charges That May Affect Your Refund

Please be aware that any charges not covered by an athletics scholarship or other financial aid (i.e., parking tickets) will deduct automatically from the amount of the available refund.

Student Account FAQ

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NCAA Student Assistance Fund

The NCAA provides each member school with funding to be used in assisting student-athletes that demonstrate a financial need. For questions regarding the Student Assistance Fund, or to apply for use of the fund, please visit the Athletics Compliance Office.

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