Alumni, Boosters & Fans

Notre Dame is committed to conducting its intercollegiate athletics program with excellence and integrity. As an avid supporter of the Fighting Irish, we ask for your continued efforts to adhere to all applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules and regulations.

NCAA Rules The Fighting Irish Need to Know


Key Reminders Every Fighting Irish Fan Should Know:

  • Recruiting Conversations are Reserved for Coaches Only
    • You may not have recruiting conversations with a prospect or their families. A prospect is any student who has begun classes for the 9th grade (7th grade for men's basketball and softball). This includes in-person contact on or off Notre Dame’s campus, by telephone or in writing (e.g., email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Refrain from Extra Benefits
    • You may not provide benefits to a student-athlete, a prospect or their family/friends, unless such benefits are available to the general public or all Notre Dame students. Examples include transportation, cash, gifts, meals, clothing, use of unadvertised discounts, etc.
  • Protect Student-Athlete Name, Image & Likeness 
    • You may use a student-athlete's name, picture or appearance in a commercial advertisement, business promotion or product endorsement, including any endorsements or promotions on social media with the student-athlete's consent.
    • For more information regarding ND's NILI program, please visit our website here
  • Purchase Your ND Items Through Approved Vendors
    • You may not purchase game tickets, apparel, equipment or awards from current student-athletes.
  • Memorabilia: Keep It, Don’t Sell it
    • You may not sell any memorabilia using the name or image of a current student-athlete, including items that have been autographed by a current student-athlete.

Please know than an NCAA violation committed by a fan of Notre Dame Athletics (such as those actions described above) could end the college career of a student-athlete or result in severe sanctions against the University. 

The support of our fans is not only welcomed, but vital to the success of our student-athletes on and off the field. Our staff is readily accessible to answer your questions and we gladly serve as a valuable resource for alumni and boosters. You can help us keep Notre Dame's tradition intact by contacting our office at (574) 631-9647 or