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A student-athlete wishing to transfer into or out of an NCAA institution must be granted a release from the Compliance Office before permission to contact is granted.

4-4 Transfers

Under NCAA rules, a qualifier student-athlete transferring to the University of Notre Dame from another four-year college must either complete an academic year-in-residence at the university or receive a waiver or exception to the year-in-residence requirement. Please see the Compliance Office for information regarding waivers and exceptions. In addition, the student-athlete must have successfully completed all progress toward degree requirements to compete in his/her first year at the University of Notre Dame.

A transfer student from a four-year institution may receive institutional athletically related financial aid during his/her first academic year at the certifying institution only if he/she would have been academically eligible to compete during the next regular academic term had the student-athlete remained at the previous institution unless:


  • The student-athlete transferred from a four-year institution that did not sponsor the student-athlete's sport on the intercollegiate level while he/she was in attendance and the student did not previously transfer from any other collegiate institution that offered intercollegiate competition in that sport; or
  • The student-athlete has not participated in intercollegiate competition and has not engaged in other countable athletically related activities in the sport beyond a 14-consecutive-day period.


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