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10. Tweet to that kid you met at the Backer last Saturday that he owes you $50 for your autographed tube sock.

9. Drinks are on me, I just received a signing bonus!

8. Ask your coach for information regarding the World Cup spread.

7. You, me, courtside Bulls tickets. Don’t worry about the cost, baby.

6. Check out this Sear’s Optical ad. I’m big time!

5. Announce during your team meeting that Denny’s is offering a free Grand Slam in exchange for a free ticket to Sunday’s double header.

4. Wanted: Above average student willing to type papers. Must know MLA Style.

3. So, let me get this straight. I never have to show up and you’ll pay me $200?

2. Demonstrate your IT prowess by spearheading the IrishwantJoeSchmo recruiting web site.

1. Ask the compliance staff if the “Armando Special” is legitimate because you need a haircut.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The NCAA salutes the more than 400,000 student-athletes participating in 23 sports at more than 1,000 member institutions.