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Q: I’ve been contacted in writing by a prospect (or their parent/guardian). What can I do?

A:  Responding to a PSA’s Request: ANY athletics department staff member may respond to a PSA’s communication requesting information from the athletics department prior to the permissible contact date, provided the written response does not include information that initiates the recruitment of the PSA or is related to the athletic programs (e.g., providing one of the permissible items listed below). Provide an explanation of NCAA policy, refer the prospect to admissions OR forward the communication to the coaching staff.

You may provide at any time:

  • Camp/clinic brochures
  • Questionnaires
  • Non-athletics institutional publications available to all students at any time (academic, admissions, or student services publications)

Do not provide:

  • Printed media guides
  • Game programs (only during official and unofficial visits with posters removed)
  • Anything sent via an express mail delivery service – send first class!

Q: A prospect (or their parent/guardian) has called me. May I return their call?

A: Prospects may initiate telephone calls to an institution at any time. Do NOT return a call from a prospect (or their parent/guardian) unless you are certain that the call is regarding institutional camp or clinic issues (and you are responsible for such logistics). Otherwise, forward the message to the intended coaching staff.   

Q: What is the process for requesting donations for a fundraiser?

A: Notre Dame receives several hundred requests for memorabilia from individuals and organizations each year. All requests should be forwarded six weeks in advance to the Event Marketing Office via the Fan Center.

Q: May I donate my complimentary/discounted tickets to a charity?

A: Contact the Compliance Office prior to donating any personal tickets (comps) and/or memorabilia as individuals associated with prospective student-athletes often cannot benefit from your kindness!

Q: Can I provide extra game tickets, parking passes or credentials to the families of prospective or current student-athletes?

A: Please do not. Authorized complimentary admissions through the Ticket Office (via a pass list) are permissible and additional tickets may only be purchased in the same manner as the general public.


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The Academic Progress Rate, Federal Graduation Rate & Graduation Success Rate are now provided to prospective student-athletes as they register in the NCAA Clearinghouse. Coaches need not supply these reports.

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