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The NCAA provides institutions with the use of annual funds intended for student-athletes' special or emergency needs. The Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund (SAOF) is managed by the Office of Compliance and is not included when calculating permissible grant-in-aid or cost-of-attendance figures.

What expenses qualify as eligible for SAOF assistance?

SAOF money is intended for qualified student-athletes with a financial need. It may be offered to identified student-athletes for clothing, graduate school fee assistance, course supplies, health insurance or summer school tuition assistance. Those student-athletes who qualify for a Federal Pell Grant are automatically offered some assistance. Additionally, coaches may refer a student-athlete with a specific need.

Funding is also available to student-athletes when emergencies arise, such as the coverage of an airline ticket to attend a funeral service. Please contact the Compliance Office should you have a special need.

Please keep in mind that most SAOF assistance requires a referral and/or the approval of an application. For instance, health insurance coverage must be applied for and, should a student-athlete have extenuating circumstances and a team budget does not have the necessary funding available, may be approved by our staff for funding. SAOF assistance is never a guarantee and is often limited in order to assist a great number of needs across our student-athlete population.

Application - Student Health Insurance Funding

Application - Office for Student Disabilities Assessment Referral (password required)

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