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Current student-athletes may be asked by their coaching staff to serve as student hosts during official visits to an institution by prospects. It is important that the role of a student host is clearly defined and followed while focusing on following team and university policies and presenting a glimpse into typical student life at Notre Dame.

Student hosts are provided with university funds intended to aid in the entertainment of a prospect at the rate of $40 per day. Hosts may not use this money in order to purchase souvenirs, entertainment outside of a 30 mile radius of campus, or any items after the expiration of the 48 hour visit.

Student-athletes often wonder what relationship they can maintain with a prospect once they have left an institution's campus. Contact may occur as long as no recruiting takes place. Student-athletes may accept phone calls from prospects. please be mindful that the following does not occur:

  • Calling, writing, or e-mailing a prospective student-athlete for recruiting purposes (or at the direction of a coach).
  • Making a recruiting "pitch" for the university unless a recruit is on-campus.
  • Commenting publicly about any prospective student-athlete that Notre Dame is recruiting. If a student-athlete tweets about the recruitment of a PSA, we will report an NCAA violation. Please refrain from mentioning verbal commitments or recruiting visits on a public forum such as Twitter or Facebook. This includes the posting of pictures featuring prospects during recruiting visits to our campus. Until the prospect signs an NLI, we cannot comment publicly on their recruitment.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

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