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A prospective student-athlete is any student who has started classes for the ninth grade (seventh grade in the sport of basketball). Any student younger than the ninth grade who receives any benefits from an institution or athletics representative would also be considered a prospective student-athlete as would an enrollee at a preparatory school or two year college.

An individual remains a prospect until one of the following occur:

  • They officially register and enroll in a minimum full-time program of studies and attend classes in any term of a four-year collegiate institution's regular academic year (excluding summer);
  • They participate in a regular squad practice or competition at a four-year collegiate institution that occurs before the beginning of any term; or
  • They officially register, enroll and attend class during the summer prior to initial enrollment.

Once at least one of the above criteria are met, the prospective student-athlete is deemed a student-athlete and no longer subject to the contact limitations presented in NCAA Bylaw 13.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The NCAA salutes the more than 400,000 student-athletes participating in 23 sports at more than 1,000 member institutions.