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Congratulations on the accomplishments of your son or daughter thus far. Undoubtedly, this is an exciting time for you and your family. The Department of Athletics is proud to have the opportunity to teach and, more importantly, learn from our student-athletes as we strive to embrace the university's mission of excellence.



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Extra Benefits
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Extra Benefits

Your adherence to all applicable NCAA rules and regulations is essential as we strive to maintain and enhance our national athletic prominence while protecting the University’s tradition of integrity and values. As you cheer on the Irish, please be mindful of your interaction with members of the Notre Dame community. The Compliance Office staff stands ready to assist you as you make important decisions that could affect future collegiate eligibility. As part of your continuing effort to ensure compliance with NCAA rules, please remember the following:

  • Do not accept anything from a sports agent, scout, runner or outside equipment vendor. The receipt of such an item will jeopardize your child's eligibility.
  • Do not accept any complimentary or discounted items (merchandise, lodging, meals...) offered solely on your basis as a family member/legal guardian of a student-athlete. These would be considered extra benefits and would affect your child's eligibility.
  • Notre Dame cannot reserve a block of discounted rooms at a hotel for the use of parents and/or family members except during postseason events (other than a conference event). It is not permissible for Notre Dame to cover the expense of such lodging.
  • Notre Dame cannot arrange for the purchase of additional tickets to an otherwise sold-out athletic event. Student-athletes will make accommodations for their family members via and the player pass list.
  • You will be required to provide a picture identification every time you receive a complimentary ticket via a player pass list for an athletic event.
  • As you travel, all expenses including personal transportation, meals and lodging may not be paid by the university or a representative of athletics interests (definition of a booster below). The receipt of a meal (without payment) by a parent/family member at an institutional tailgate would constitute an extra benefit.
  • You MAY provide a meal to your son or daughter's teammates at any location on an occasional basis.
  • You cannot provide off-campus housing free of charge or at a reduced rate to other student-athletes. For example, if you own a home in South Bend and intend to allow your son or daughter's teammates to live there, you must charge each of them a fair market rate.
  • It is impermissible for a student-athlete, their friends or relatives to sell (including an exchange or upgrade) any item received incidental to their participation on a Notre Dame team, including clothes, gear, uniforms or parts of a uniform,
    awards, post season gifts, and Notre Dame or Monogram Club-provided participation awards. In addition, you cannot sell or exchange any item bearing your son or daughter's autograph for personal profit. For example, you cannot place (or have placed on your behalf) a ball bearing your son or daughter's signature for sale on eBay or Craigslist.
  • Student-athletes may not allow their name, picture or personal appearance advertise, recommend or promote the sale or use of any commercial products, services or businesses.

Who is a Booster?

A representative of Notre Dame’s athletics interests (i.e., a booster) is an individual or a business that:

  • Has ever made any type of financial aid or in-kind contribution to the athletics department, to a specific sport program, or to an athletics booster organization;
  • Has ever been a member of any organization or agency promoting Notre Dame athletics;
  • Has ever helped to arrange or has provided employment for an enrolled student-athlete, a prospective student-athlete, or their parents or relatives;
  • Is or has ever been a season ticket holder for any Notre Dame sport;
  • Has ever assisted in any manner in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes; or
  • Has otherwise promoted the institution’s athletics program in any manner.

According to NCAA rules, once an individual becomes a representative or “booster” of the University’s athletics programs, he or she retains this status forever.  This is true even if the individual no longer contributes to the athletics program.

Occasional Meals

Permission for occasional meals should be requested through the Compliance Office (574-631-9647) prior to each meal. "Occasional" is typically defined as once per month. Click on the Forms tab above in order to access the approval form.







  • Student-athletes may not eat at an off-campus restaurant as the guest of an athletics booster.
  • On infrequent occasions (e.g., birthday, Thanksgiving), a student-athlete may accept an invitation to the home of a booster for a meal or to a restaurant located on Notre Dame’s campus with prior compliance approval.  The booster may provide local transportation to and from his or her home.






Athletics Department Staff Members

  • Athletics Department staff members may provide student-athletes with an occasional meal at either a restaurant or their home.






Parents of Student-Athletes

  • Occasional meals may be provided to team members by the parent of a student-athlete at any location.
  • Parents of student-athletes must pay the expense for a meal provided by the university. This includes tailgates and meals while travelling to support a team. One very limited exception exists:
    • Reasonable Refreshments may be provided to the family (parents, legal guardians, relatives) of a student-athlete in conjunction with educational or celebratory events on an occasional basis. Coaches and/or teams seek approval for such an exception in advance with the Compliance Office staff.


  • A Notre Dame employee may provide student-athletes with reasonable and occasional (i.e., within a 30-mile radius of campus) transportation.

Amateurism & Sports Agents

Only an amateur student-athlete is eligible for intercollegiate athletics participation in a particular sport. Freshmen and transfer student-athletes initially enrolling at a Division I institution are required to complete the amateurism certification process outlined by the NCAA via the Eligibility Center. Student-athletes could lose their amateur status if they:

  • Accept pay or the promise of pay for play
  • Enter into a professional contract
  • Play for a professional team
  • Enter into an agreement (oral or written) with an agent
  • Accept a benefit from an agent or runner
  • Promote a commercial product or service regardless of pay (allow their picture, name or testimonial to be used to advertise a product or service)

According to the NCAA, a student-athlete may not agree verbally or in writing to be represented by an athlete agent in the present or in the future. If the student-athlete enters into such an agreement, the student-athlete is ineligible for intercollegiate competition.

Also, a student-athlete may not accept transportation or any other benefits from an athlete agent. This prohibition applies to the student-athlete and his or her relatives or friends.

The term "agent" includes actual agents, runners (individuals who befriend student-athletes and frequently distribute impermissible benefits) and financial advisors.

It is not a violation of NCAA rules if a student-athlete merely talks to an agent (as long as an agreement for agent representation is not established) or socializes with an agent. For example, a student-athlete could go to dinner with an agent and no NCAA violations would result if the student-athlete provided his or her own transportation and paid for his or her meal. It’s important to note that the NFL Players’ Association stipulates that an agent may not contact a football student-athlete (or their family or friends) until December 1 of their junior year.

Agent Information for Student-Athletes - Additional Resources

Uniform Athlete Agents Act (UAAA)

Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act (SPARTA)


The Compliance Office can assist student-athletes in making important decisions regarding life after college athletics and in navigating difficult choices involving professional aspirations.

Showing your Support (t-shirts, buttons)

We fully expect that the parents and families of student-athletes display tokens of support for their sons and daughters (t-shirts, buttons including pictures and/or names). As these items are created and distributed, please do not do so for a profit or as a fundraiser. NCAA bylaws do not allow the use of a student-athlete's name, likeness (nickname), picture or appearance to be sold by outlets outside the institution. Additionally, items should not include endorsements of commercial products.

Institutional Memorabilia Requests

Student-athletes are highly encouraged to personalize any items that they autograph to the recipient. This ensures that items are less likely to appear for sale on internet auction sites for the financial gain of a third party vendor.

It's important to note that any participation items or awards provided to a student-athlete (workout apparel, conference awards) may not be upgraded, traded, or sold for any item of value. This would constitute the receipt of an extra benefit.

The University of Notre Dame receives several hundred requests for memorabilia from organizations each year. Requests should be forwarded to the Event Marketing Office. All requests are given serious consideration, however, due to the high volume of requests received, the following guidelines must be followed to assure fairness.

  • Due to ticket demand, complimentary tickets cannot be provided as a donation.
  • Due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to fulfill requests that would benefit students in grades 9-12. This includes all high school auctions, raffles, fund raisers, and requests for prizes. A booster (definition above) should refrain from making donations to prospects on the university's behalf.
  • Requests for operating expenses and other monetary donations cannot be honored.
  • Memorabilia is limited to one request per organization during the University of Notre Dame fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  • Due to the high volume of requests that we receive, we are not able to guarantee that we will have an item for your event. We appreciate your support of Notre Dame Athletics, and hope that your event is a success.
  • Requests for items to be autographed by student-athletes cannot be honored. Check the promotions page ( for information on fan fests or team autograph sessions.

Items used for donation requests are typically promotional giveaways. Requests should be made at least six weeks in advance of an event. In order to submit a request, please contact:


University of Notre Dame
Event Marketing Donation Requests

Purcell Pavilion
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Fax: 574-631-0854


Academic Eligibility

To maintain eligibility at the University of Notre Dame, student-athletes must have satisfactorily completed:

  • 24 credit hours by the start of the third semester
  • 18 credit hours per academic year (fall and spring) thereafter
  • SOPHOMORESMust declare a major by the start of the third academic year
  • Percentage of Degree: 40% by start of the third academic year; 60% by start of the fourth academic year; 80% by start of the fifth academic year
  • NCAA GPA: 1.80 by the start of the second academic year; 1.90 by the start of the third academic year; 2.00 by the start of the fourth academic year and thereafter
  • Notre Dame GPA: 1.70 at end of first semester; 1.85 at end of second semester; 2.00 every semester thereafter
  • Football student-athletes must pass 9 credit hours & earn the APR eligibility point to remain eligible for competition the following fall

Financial Aid

The Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is a need-based grant available to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or a professional degree. In the 2014-2015academic year, the Federal Pell Grant awards ranged capped at $5,730. The Pell Grant may be received beyond the cost of a full grant-in-aid and does not count against team limits.

Eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant depends on your financial need (demonstrated through the FAFSA), your cost of attendance, and your status as a full-time or part-time student. Student-athletes may apply annually for the Federal Pell Grant by completing the the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Pell Grant is disbursed each semester (excluding summer) to the student's account. Money may be accessed by following the Refund Policy Instructions on the Student Accounts web site.


Office of Financial Aid  Telephone: 574-631-6436
115 Main Building    Facsimile:   574-631-6899
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5602   E-Mail:
Website: Monday – Friday   8:00 5:00 p.m.  EST/EDT


Drug Testing

The NCAA and Notre Dame test for substances found on the list of “NCAA Banned-Drug Classes.” Testing is done year round. All nutritional supplements carry some risk of containing an NCAA-banned substance because they are not well regulated and may be contaminated. Your son or daughter's failure to review a supplement with his or her sports medicine staff prior to use may result in a positive drug test. Ultimately, student-athletes are responsible for anything they ingest. Please be aware that a no-show is considered a positive test.

Additional Information


The NCAA opposes all forms of legal and illegal “sports wagering.” This means that your son or daughter cannot place any wager—regardless of the nature or value of the item at stake (e.g., cash, dinner, clothing, a drink)—on any sporting event whatsoever, including such seemingly innocent events as a round of golf or a football drill run in practice. Your son or daughter obviously cannot place bets on professional or college sports games, either through the Internet, a bookie, or at a casino. The NCAA gambling rules even apply to fantasy leagues, March Madness brackets, Super Bowl squares and other similar activities. Such activities are prohibited if the activity both requires a fee to participate and awards a prize or prizes to the winner. In other words, your son or daughter can play fantasy football only if there is no entry fee to participate.

We encourage you to visit additional pages on our web site and, in particular, those links found under the Student-Athletes tab. Please contact the Compliance Office as questions arise.


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