Equipment & Awards


Apparel - Uniform/jersey, warm-up/practice apparel, hats, visors, swim caps, socks, jackets, rain gear, parkas, etc. Jerseys may be retained by student-athletes at the institution's discretion as long as they are deemed not reusable (e.g., new uniforms will be purchased in subsequent years).

Equipment - Shoes, bags, wheel bags, sackpacks/backpacks, racquet bags, helmets, baseball/softball bats, gloves, golf clubs, umbrellas, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, goggles, tennis racquets, pads, guards, catcher's gear, sunglasses, training gear (e.g., flippers in swimming), etc. This list is not exhaustive!

NCAA Rules Reminders:

  • Student-athlete may retain athletics apparel and equipment items at the end of their intercollegiate participation. Equipment may also be retained over vacation periods and returned.
  • A student-athlete may retain apparel and equipment upon graduation/exhausting eligibility per NCAA rules.
  • It is impermissible for a student-athlete to receive athletics equipment, suppllies, or clothing directly from a manufacturer or supplier under any circumstance, regardless of whether or not the institution has knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my team would like to collect equipment?

Should a team wish to collect equipment per their team policy, it should be recorded and kept on file. Teams may opt to allow equipment retention, collect used equipment, collect payment for retained equipment from student-athletes, or include the value of retained equipment in the senior participation award.

The fair market value of the retained equipment may be included in the $425 senior participation award. However, the NCAA requires that all participation awards be uniform to student-athletes across categories (e.g., all seniors). Thus, either all men's tennis senior student-athletes have their 2 retained tennis racquets valued at $10 each included in their senior award or none of them do. If uniformity isn't possible, the student-athletes could pay the value of the retained racquets or retain without payment, as the NCAA allows.

How do I determine "fair market value"?

To determine "fair market value", it is best to use pricing based on local re-sale stores, the Internet, or a depreciation percentage per year of use! Use sites such as eBay,, or others. Please also feel free to use Compliance Office or Equipment as a resource.

For Golf Clubs and other Golf Supplies, the PGA ValueGuide is a great resource for determining the resale values of most golf equipment. Search by the full description of the item (including any specialized shaft). Use the LOW, MID or HIGH value based on the actual condition of the club. This value is either charged to the student-athlete or included in the annual participation award if the clubs are kept. Otherwise, the equipment must be returned. If you will include the value in the annual participation award, or the student-athlete is charged for the items, please include a print out of the pricing sheet for our record-keeping.

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Award Forms - please complete and return to Compliance

NCAA Rules Reminders:

  • All awards provided to student-athletes are limited in value and number per NCAA Bylaw 16.1.
  • Student-athletes may NOT sell, trade, or upgrade any item they receive due to their participation in athletics.
  • Cash may NOT be issued as an award.
  • Gift cards MAY be issued as an award provided that the gift card cannot be redeemed for cash at any time.

Other Reminders:

  • Timing of Awards. Annual participation awards may be provided at any time. Awards for participation in special events or post season events may be provided at the beginning of the tournament/event. Championship awards may be provided at the conclusion of the culminating event. Awards must be documented on the appropriate form and submitted to Compliance within 30 days of issuance.
  • Types of Awards. Awards must be uniform for all student-athletes within a category (e.g. all seniors receive a plaque or all seniors receive a framed jersey; one individual cannot receive a plaque while others receive a framed jersey; issued plaques/jerseys do not need to be identical). However, should a student-athlete participate in multiple sports, they may receive a different award based on their occurrence of Monogramming rather than on their class year. In other words, a track athlete may receive a different award for participation in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track all within the same year. Thus, some multi-sport athletes will receive up to 5 Monogram awards within less than 5 academic years of participation.
  • Value of Awards. Awards must be assigned normal retail value when determining award value limit (e.g. even if the university obtains the award at no cost or a substantial discount, the normal retail value is assessed in the value reported to Compliance). Normal retail value MAY include any discount based on volume that is offered. Administrative fees (e.g., tooling charges, tax, shipping and handling) for awards (e.g., national championship rings) that are separate from the value of the award do not need to be included when calculating the value of the award.
  • Eligibility for Awards. All members of a team may receive participation awards and earned special attainment awards (e.g. academic awards). However, only student-athletes who were eligible to compete in conference, NCAA or other post-season tournaments or events may receive awards in conjunction with those events.
  • Student-Athlete Contribution. It is NOT permissible for a student-athlete to make any arrangement to contribute money, even voluntarily, to the cost of an award (for upgrading).
  • Combining Values. An institution may not combine the value limits of awards given in a sport during the same season, or given to athletes who participate in more than one sport, to provide an award more expensive than permissible.
  • Apparel & Equipment. A student-athlete may retain athletics apparel and equipment items at the end of their intercollegiate participation. NCAA rules now permit institutional discretion when purchasing travel suits/apparel for student-athletes without including the value in their participation award.
  • Game Balls. It is permissible to award game balls to student-athletes for specialized performances in particular contests or events or during a limited time period (e.g., "player of the game" or "player of the week") per institutional policy. An institution may also provide a game ball to a student-athlete on an occasional basis to recognize an extraordinary achievement (e.g., career achievement, establishing an institutional record).

Award Limits

Annual Participation and Special Achievement Awards

Monogram Club Awards
Monogram Award Value
First Jacket $96.00
Second Blanket $67.00
Third Ring $123.00
Fourth Watch $82.00
Fifth Chenille Plaque  $60.00


Annual Participation Award Limits
Annual Participation Max Value # of Times Received Awarding Agencies Max # of Awarding Agencies
Underclassmen $225 once per year per sport Notre Dame 1
Seniors $425 once per year per sport Notre Dame 1


Individual Achievement Awards
Special Achievement Max Value # of Times Received Awarding Agencies Max # of Awarding Agencies
Special Attainment/Contribution to Season $175 Once per category of award per year Notre Dame 1
MVP - Special Event* $325** Once per event Notre Dame, ACC, & approved orgnanization Unlimited
MVP - Bowl Game or All-Star Contest $350 Once per event Bowl or Contest sponsor 1
Regional/National Recognition (Wade Trophy, Heisman Trophy) $325 Once per year per award Awarding program 1
Trophy Recognizing Etablished National Award Unlimited Once per year Conference 1
Trophy Recognizing Conference Player of the Year $1,500 Once per year Conference 1
Performance in Single Contest/Limited Time Period (player of the game/week) $80
(certificate, plaque, medal only)
Unlimited Conference & outside organization Unlimited
Hometown Award $80 Unlimited Group in SA's hometown (not Notre Dame booster club) Unlimited

*The award recipient must be selected by a recognized organization approved by a member institution or conference.
**Each permissible awarding agency is subject to a separate $325 limit per award. Each awarding agency may provide only a single award for each event to a student-athlete.

Team Participation in Special Events 

Special Event Participation Max Value # of Times Received Awarding Agency Max # of Awarding Agencies
Postseason Conference Championship Contest $375* Once per event Notre Dame and/or Conference/Event 2
Postseason NCAA Contest $375
no limit
Once per event Notre Dame
All-Star Contest or Football Bowl Game $400
Once per event Notre Dame
Other Events (meets, tournaments, featured competition) $400* Once per event Notre Dame and/or Event 2

*The combined value of all awards received for participation in this type of event (from both awarding agencies) may not exceed this value.

Championship Awards

Championship Event Max Value # of Times Received Awarding Agencies Max # of Awarding Agencies
National Championship - NCAA $415* Once per championship Notre Dame, ACC 2
National Championship - Other** $415* Once per championship Notre Dame, ACC 2
Conference Championship - Regular Season $325*# Once per championship Notre Dame, ACC 2
Conference Championship - Postseason $325*# Once per championship Notre Dame, ACC 2

*Each permissible agency is subject to separate max value limits.
**Only when the NCAA does not sponsor a championship in that sport.
#The combined value of both awards may not exceed $325 if Notre Dame wins both championships.


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