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NCAA regulations allow student-athletes to earn legitimate employment income, either during the academic year or vacation periods, provided any compensation is for work actually performed and does not exceed the going rate in the locality for similar services. In addition, a student-athlete's compensation may not include any remuneration for the value the student-athlete has to the employer because of his/her athletics reputation.

  • Student-athletes are required to report all employment to the Compliance Office on the designated Student-Athlete Term Employment Form.
  • If requested, a student-athlete must make available for review copies of all documents, earnings statements and other records related to their employment.

Fee-For-Lesson Employment

A student-athlete may receive compensation for teaching or coaching skills or techniques in his/her sport on a fee-for-lesson basis provided:

  • No Notre Dame facilities are used
  • Lessons primarily involve instruction; No "playing lessons" are offered
  • Payments are not received from a third party and documentation of payments are kept (copies of checks)
  • Lessons are not advertised (e.g., use word of mouth)
  • All lessons are reported to the Compliance Office

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