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Please read the instructions below before completing the 2015-16 Athletically-Related Outside Income Reporting Form & contact Heidi Uebelhor 574-631-2237 with any questions


The Certificate of Compliance is now included on the Athletically-Related Outside Income Reporting Form! What does this mean for me?

Prior to 2015, all department staff were required to visit the Compliance Office in order to manually sign the Certificate of Compliance on an annual basis. By signing, you affirm that you have reported all known NCAA violations through the appropriate channels. Again this year, we've added the Certificate of Compliance to the Athletically-Related Outside Income Reporting Form. Outside Income Reporting is required of all non-clerical staff while the Certificate of Compliance is required of ALL staff. Thus, you may have colleagues in your area that will continue to visit the Compliance Office to sign the Certificate of Compliance.

Who is required to report Athletically-Related Outside Income?

NCAA bylaws and the department Outside Income Policy require all non-clerical staff to report sources of athletically-related outside income on an annual basis.

What is Athletically-Related Outside Income?

Athletically-related outside income is income related to athletics (received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016) but not arranged or paid by Notre Dame directly.  See the chart below for examples of what to report and what not to report.

What is the deadline for reporting?

An Athletically-Related Outside Income Form must be submitted, regardless of whether income was received, by Wednesday, August 3.

What should be reported?



DO Report

  • Apparel/Equipment Endorsements or Consultant Contracts NOT arranged by the University
  • Non-Institutional Sports Camps and Clinics
  • Annuities, Stipends, Honorariums
  • Housing Benefits
  • Country Club Memberships (excluding Knollwood Country Club)
  • Television/Radio Programs or Appearances
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Private Lessons
  • Income, contracted or non-contracted, received from Notre Dame Sports Properties/Play by Play Sports
  • Bonus/salary supplement from outside source related to work at Notre Dame


DO NOT Report

  • Dealer Cars
  • Under Armour Merchandise Allotments
  • Notre Dame Sports Camps and Clinics
  • Knollwood Country Club memberships
  • Income resulting from non-athletically-related outside employment (e.g., mowing lawns, baby sitting)



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